Watching out for snares.

Prefacing these thoughts with this scripture. Judges 8:27 (ESV) "And Gideon made an ephod of it and put it in his city, in Ophrah. And all Israel whored after it there, and it became a snare to Gideon and to his family."

The people of Israel had begun to turn back to the worship of idols and their enemies, the Midianites, were suppressing them greatly when Gideon enters the picture.

I have been studying Judges 5-8 lately, the story of Gideon. Previously my focus on this bible character was to remember how Gideon asked God for a sign and laid out a fleece two times to have God confirm that he was to lead in a battle. There is much more to Gideon. Now I see the story is more about what God did than what Gideon did because Gideon did receive the signs he asked for from God. And Gideon, at God's command , took fewer men (300) against thousands and led them successfully to victory over their enemies, the Midianites.

Yet, after all of this Gideon made an ephod (idol) turning the people back to the worship of false gods. And this was a snare for all of them.

Reluctantly Gideon had trusted God for victory but only after he received specific signs.

And God complied twice. Then, this reluctant leader was given by God only a small number of men to fight against over whelming odds. Was the victory then God's or was it Gideons? Although Gideon did as God asked eventually when the dust settled he took treasures, gathered wealth, and began to take credit when the people gave him the glory for winning this battle.

We need to remember to give God the credit when there is a victory over our enemies. Once we have got that job, had that baby, finished that mission, recovered from that illness..let us remember and not turn back to false beliefs that it was all someone else or our own doing. Even though God may use us or others in accomplishing His purposes (like he did Gideon) the glory is God's due! From our weakness God can give His strength. Reflections?
I wasn't too sure if I understood what an ephod was so I looked it up and found out it was a name given to a priestly garment (apron) made out of precious jewels, etc. worn by Israelite high priests. It looks like Gideon collected treasures from the spoils of war and then placed them together making this garment to be displayed representing a form of idolatry among the people..thus, the snare mentioned in the passage.
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