We Are Not Our Own

Trust And Obey

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We Are Not Our Own


I'm sure we all know that we have been purchased with a price,
paid by our Saviour Yahshua/Jesus. if we could understand and
fully realize the total extent of it, we would feel a great responsibility
resting upon us to keep ourselves in the very best condition of health,
so we could give a more perfect service to our Father Yah/God.

But when we take any course which expends our vitality,
decreases our strength, or slowes our intellect, We Sin Against Yah.
When we stay on this destructive course we are Not Glorifying Him
in our bodies and spirits which Belong To Him, but are committing
a great Wrong in His site.

*Know Ye Not That Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Ghost
Which Is In You, Which Ye Have Of Yah/God, And Ye Are Not Your Own?
{1Cor. 6:19}

Health is a Blessing that few seem to appreciate the value of -or-
just don't realize that what we put in our mouths and how we treat
our bodies is a Big part of staying healthy.
The efficiency of our mental and physical powers, our impulses and
passions, all of our powers largely depend on Good Health.
Our bodies must be kept in the Best condition physically and under
the Most Spiritual influences so that our talents may be put to the
highest use.

Anything that lessens physical strength makes the mind less capable
of discriminating between right and wrong. We have less strength of
will to do what we know to be right.
The misuse of our physical powers shortens the period of time that
our lives can be used for the Glory of Yah. And it unfits us to accomplish
the work Yah has given us to do.

By allowing ourselve to form Wrong Habits,
by keeping late hours,
by gratifying appetite at the Excuse of health,
we lay the foundation for feebleness.
By neglecting physical exercise,
by overworking our minds and body,
we unbalance the nervous system.

Those of us who shorten our lives and unfit ourselves for Service
by disreguarding nature's laws are guilty of robbery toward Yah/God.
And we are robbing our fellow brother's and sister's also.
The opportunity of blessing others, the very work for which Yah sends
us into the world, has by our own course of action been cut short.
We have unfitted ourselves to do even that which in a briefer period
of time we might have accomplished.
We Are Held Guilty When Our Repeted Injurious Habits Cause Us
To Neglect Our Duty To Witness Of Him To Those We Know,
And To The World.

*Our habits should be brought under the control of a mind
that is itself under the control of Yah/God.