"We can choose to be silent"

at any given time, in any circumstance. your thoughts.

My thoughts as they come to me (in no particular order and possibly contradictory):

Many times silence speaks louder than words.

When you become aware of sin or other failing in others, would your words advance the Lords kingdom, or create enmity that may become a stumbling block?

Are you seeking approval of your thoughts from others to the detriment of someone else?

When your views have been dominating a discussion and others may profit from a chance to share theirs.

If you have a chance to tell the good things God has done for you and you remain silent, pray for forgiveness and courage in the future.
Jesus was silent when people were accusing the woman caught in adultery. he wrote on the ground.
Also..he was silent when he was called up for trial by Pilate. He did not answer back his accusers.

Zachariah was someone who didnt choose to be silent actually the angel muted him because he scoffed in unbelief that he was really an angel. he should have kept his mouth shut and listen to the angel.

Job was silent before God when he appeared to him. He couldnt complain any longer. He repented in sackcloth and ashes for doubting Him.
Job did not sin with his lips directly but in his heart.

James wrote anout the tongue being a fire and that we need to control it. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

We can bless or curse with it.

God speaks to us in his still small voice if we are quiet enough and make the effort to listen.