We Will Sing!

I think that when things are going well in our lives that it is easy to sing praises to God and to thank him for all his many blessings to us. Yet, when life kicks us and knocks us down; when severe trials come our way; when we are faced with great persecution and rejection from those we love, including from the family of God; when illness or heartache come our way; and/or when it seems there is no end in sight to these trials, it is then harder to give praise to God, though it is most necessary and healing at those times that we do. In fact, He gives us songs of praise and joy during these times to heal our wounded hearts and to soothe our troubled minds so that we get our focus off the temporal and onto Christ Jesus, our Lord, and to what is eternal, the salvation of human lives, and our worship of God.

We Will Sing! / An Original Work / December 4, 2013

Based off The Psalms

I will praise You, Lord, among all peoples.
I will praise You for all that You have done.
I called to the Lord, and He heard my cry.
He turned weeping into a song of joy!

I will sing praise to my Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God evermore.

I will praise You, Lord, for Your mighty works,
For Your love is great, reaching to the heav’ns.
O my Strength, I sing my praise unto You,
For Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

I will sing praise to my Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God evermore.

Shout with joy to God all who’re on the earth.
Say to God, “O how awesome are Your deeds.”
The redeemed sing praise to their Savior, King,
For He saved them all in His righteousness.

We will sing praise to our Lord all our lives;
We will sing praise to our God evermore.