Weeds in Asparagus

You must raise these succulent stalks. I just planted 3 plants last year in my flower garden. They must not come up until later in the season because I have not seen them yet. Is there a certain place they like to be planted?

As far as salt, I've heard it is a natural deterrent to weeds, but as far as specifically putting them on the asparagas plant, I wouldn't see how that would keep weeds away. You could google it though. Good luck!
I have never tried to grow asparagus, but the salt will kill the weeds. Now I am trying to figure out why it will not kill the asparagus as well? The way I see it, it will.


I know this doesn't have anything to do with asperagus but was wondering if the salt thing would work on dandelions . I would hate to kill my lawn though trying it .

We cannot use any pesticides now as they don't even sell them in the store cause it is against the law. So dandilions are rampant and no one seems to know how to get rid of them.

Other than manually digging them out.