Welcome Me. :)

Welcome Me. :)

Hello fellow believers!!! I found you guys on the web after going to another christian forum that was run by some beliefs i didn't want to fellowship with too much. So i looked the site over and decided to join. Most christian site only have like 1 post every 3 weeks and thats by the moderator so its good to see that u guys actually talk.

any way. Glad to be here!

I'll keep it str8 and holy!!!
Welcome Future City, its good to have you on the team.

(no i'm not crazy but i do know about newbie status, i need my post up.) lol
Future City! I know what you mean about other Christian sites! I have been through about 4-5 already, and I really like this one! It is so friendly and warm! And full of grace, too!

I am sure you will make friends here and find edification and encouragement!