Welcome our newest "Helper" to staff "John_Jervis"


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Welcome our newest "Helper" to staff "John_Jervis"



We are very happy that you joined our staff!!!!

By the way, all of our "Helpers" looks good in GREEN!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and God bless,

Thanks Godbe4me.

Thanks to Pastor Gary.

Thanks to Jeff.

Thanks to the other staff of CFS.

And most of all Thanks be unto God!

I will "Help" the CFS staff w/ God's Help :)

Pastor Gary

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Welcome to the staff, John... Thank you for going through the training and for agreeing to Help your brothers and sisters at CFS.


Wow - College must be kicking my butt, since I haven't really talked to you.
Hahaha! Trust me, you haven't missed much :) hehe. It's good to know you're valuing your education. :)

Well, hope to get to know you better!
Me as well! What are you taking up in college, if you don't mind me asking.

Glad you're a staff member :D :D :D
It was already an honor just being nominated! Hehe.

I just hope I don't disappoint anybody here in the future.


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As of right now - teaching assistant.
And I believe that God has called me into the ministry in September.
So we shall see :] :]

I just hope I don't disappoint anybody here in the future.
Those were the same thoughts I had when I first became a helper. But P-G is a wonderful staff trainer :) It's not as scary as it seems. :D :D And if you do mess up, that's okay. We aren't expecting perfection!!!!!


Hey John that's great news .. Don't worry you will be fine . Nice to see you wearing the green .