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Welcome to the ChristianForumSite!

Hi all,

First of all, welcome to the ChristianForumSite!(CFS in short). I'm Jeff and this forum was created to help Christians bring all sorts of Christian topics into one site. I like designing sites and as I am committed to doing God's work, I thought I might start off by creating a neat and simple Christian forum site. The toughest part is letting others know about the forum. That's why you should invite your friends to try out the site. When you invite them, send them the link: www.christianforumsite.com/invitation

This forum is new and so it might look empty. I hope a lot of Christians will come across this site and start using it. But of course, that’s only with your and my efforts.

Currently, the CFS Team is very very small, to be precise, just one person, me. There is a need for more moderators. Therefore I'm inviting experienced forum users to be a part of the management. If you think, you are the right person, post your interest at the suggestions area (CFS Lounge) stating your experiences. You'll be added, if you seem determined and eligible.

By the way, visit the forum FAQ(http://www.christianforumsite.com/faq.php) to clarify doubts or post them at the CFS Lounge.
For newbies, start right away by introducing yourself at the Orientation Hall.

Thank you all,
Hope you enjoy posting at CFS,
CFS Team

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify you Father which is in Heaven"
-Mathew 5:16


The CFS team is no longer just me. We have really helpful and dedicated moderators and contributors.
Invite your friends too

I'm glad you liked the forum. Invite all your friends. I'm sure we'll grow bigger. Our ultimate aim is to uphold the name of Jesus Christ.
About 300,000 messages, 8000 members and 8 years later, I felt like reviving this old thread from 2005 and thanking God, our staff team and our members for making this community one of the best forums out there.

Thank you very much. We are such an awesome family!!

Please keep inviting your friends and family. God bless you.