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Welcome to the Recipes and Cooking area

Mums, Dads and everyone, please post your recipes and cooking secrets here.
I can show you how to cook noodles in 2 minutes if you want. :D


Thanks Jeff.... Welcome to all you cooks .... How about your recipes.? I know "Born" has some for sure.:D
It would be great if someone who isn't too busy could move all the recipes from the home and garden section into this area. This area would start to look fuller and more organized already. :)
Here's my recipe for Walleye; :fish:

Start your grill.

Mix garlic powder and Mrs. Dash to enough lemon juice to marinate the filets. You can add to taste, but I recommend going a little heavy on the seasoning, especially the garlic.

Place the filets in the marinate and set 30 minutes. (Be sure to put them in the refrigerator during that time.)

While they are marinating you will need...
1 medium bowl
1 can of cold beer.
1/4 pound of butter.
1 jar of horseraddish.

Melt the butter in the bowl and spoon in a generous ammount of horseraddish.

Remove the marinated filets and place them on the grill...
(Here's the secret)
Place a few Basil leaves on the grill, then put the filets on the leaves, then more leaves over top of the fish.
When the basil leaves brown on the edges (about 4-5 minutes) then flip the filets, again so that they are laying on the little bed of fresh basil leaves.

4-5 minutes on the other side. Remember not to overcook the fish, the internal temperature should get to 145 degrees and the meat will turn a delecate white.

The basil will not stick to the fish, (although it adds a wonderful flavor) and this method of cooking prevents the fish from sticking to the grill.

Now, pour the butter and horseraddish sauce you made earlier over the walleye filets.

"What about the cold can of beer?" you ask?

Invite me over! :D I'll help you out with that.