What a pilgrim did in Mecca/yr. 1813/

1. Rites to be performed in the Interior of the Temple.

At the entrance, under the colonnade, some prayers are recited on first
sight of the Kaaba, and then two rikats, or four prostrations addressed
to the divinity, in thanks for having reached the holy spot, and in
salutation of the mosque itself; after which the pilgrim approaches the
Kaaba by one of the paved ways to it, through the open area in which it
stands. In passing under the insulated arch in front of the Kaaba,
called Bab-es'-Salam, certain prayers are said. Other prayers are
recited in a low voice, and the visitor then places himself opposite to
the black stone of the Kaaba, and prays two

[p.95] rikats; at the conclusion of which, the stone is touched with the
right hand, or kissed, if there is no great pressure of people. The
devotee then begins the Towaf, or walk round the Kaaba, keeping that
building on his left hand. This ceremony is to be repeated seven times;
the three first are in a quick pace, in imitation of the Prophet, whose
enemies having reported that he was dangerously ill, he contradicted
them by running thrice round the Kaaba at full speed. Every circuit must
be accompanied with prescribed prayers, which are recited in a low
voice, and appropriated to the different parts of the building that are
passed: the black stone is kissed or touched at the conclusion of each
circuit, as well as another stone, walled in at one corner of the black
stone. When the seven circuits are finished, the visiter approaches the
wall of the Kaaba, between the black stone and the door of the building,
which space is called El Metzem. There, with widely outstretched arms,
and with his breast closely pressed against the wall, he beseeches the
Lord to pardon his sins. He then retires towards the neighbouring Mekam
Ibrahim, and there prays two rikats, called Sunnet-et-towaf, after which
he repairs to the adjoining well of Zemzem; and, after a short pious
address in honour of the well, drinks as much of the water as he wishes,
or as he can on occasions when the crowd is very great; and this
completes the ceremonies to be observed within the temple.

Um ok..that black kaaba stone reminds me of the abomination of desolation mentioned in Daniel. Its set up like an idol in a holy place. Ppl say its a meteorite thats worshiped. I dunno what exactly it is, never been there and no interest in going.
What "I" did, on July 4th, 2015:

1. Thanked the Lord God, immediately upon waking up,
that He granted me another day to "get it right."
2. Prayed that my family and friends and others I know
(in here as well) also are finding it a new day to love and
serve Him.
3. Prayed for this Nation and its choices of late that are
so obviously anti-Christ that it is in serious danger of
Gods punishment.
4. Set my voice to singing as I began my day; songs of praise
and hope, directed to our Heavenly Father; preparing my
heart for whatever comes today.
5. Went grocery shopping (lol).