What are the criteria for love?

Feb 17, 2008
What are the criteria for love?

Some of them are as follows:
Are we patient and kind?
Are we boastful or conceited?
Are we jealous, rude or selfish?
Do we keep grudges or are resentful?
Do we give others the benefit of the doubt, or do we judge and condemn them in our heart?
Do we forgive our offenders unconditionally and sacrifice our own interest in the process of helping them. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)


Aug 29, 2010
United Kindgom
God's unconditional love - Agape. Matthew 5:45, 1Corinth 13:5, Acts 20:35, Luke 14:12-14.

The bigest need of man is to love and to be loved, because man is created by love and for love.

The obedience is important not the things for which we obey or disobey.

God does not like to punish us for doing wrong because he loves us, as a father loves his children, but he has to discipline us, for the sake of righteousness and for what is right to be done.

Love is easy to obey, but manipulation is very difficult to obey.

The reason we are nothing if we do have the gifts of the Holy Spirit but do not have love, is because the whole purpose of the gifts is to express the love of God to people, and to show people, that God cares for them and wants to help them by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Agape means to bless.

Everything is based on `Agape`, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, obeyng the commands of God, and everything else.

Agape - Acts 20:35, Luke 14:12-14

Love may wants to be obeyed, but never forces or demands it. It gives the freedom of a free choice. Manipultion and control demand and force obedience.

Without love, the world is a dead place.

Worship and obedience give the greatest pleasure to God. To love God means to worship him as God, and obey his commands.

Heaven is love and music.
Everything in heaven is motivated and done by love. There is nothing done without love.

Love - John 15:13

The main purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is to show the love of God to people.

[FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]If a Christian does good to others, he does as God does, doing good (love) to others. God is our Father, and we are his children. Now, the children usually are looking and acting, as their parents, because they have inherited the DNA or the genetic code, from their parents, and we are created in the image of God, our Father. Therefore, when God commands us to be holy, morally right, and to love others, it is because we are his children, and we must look and act, like our parent - God the Father, we must be holy and love others, as he is holy, morally right, and loves people, and because he is Love. That is what it means, to be a child of God, and to be created in his image." Matthew 7:12[/FONT]