What Are Your Easter Traditions

What Are Your Easter Traditions

Let us know what your family does for Easter. This can be your present family or the family you grew up in.
More and more Christian families are eliminating 'easter' from their religious activities because 'easter' was "assigned" as a religious event by one denomination to patronize pagans early on and is a tradtion of man, not of God. Only once does the word 'easter' appear in the King James Version Bible and it is a faulty translation. It originated from the word 'pasha' or Hebrew for Passover and the King James Version translators erred in it's usage.

Many Christians are becoming aware of the pagan origin of 'easter' and are staying away from that denominationally compromised and traditionalized 'celebration'. They are instead celebrating CHRISTIAN Passover.

There are good studies located here:


Pastor Gary, I doubt "more and more" is very accurate when talking about Christians deciding not to celebrate Easter. I am much more concerned about those who celebrate the holiday without an understanding of the Christ we celebrate.

The only Biblically "ordained" holdiays would be those in the Jewish tradition. It is very reasonable for Christians to have traditions of their own. Traditions are a wonderful way to pass on great memories and an understanding of what we find important. Many have traditions of watching the Superbowl every year. (By the way, does it have pagan origins??) Some go on vacation the same time every year. That is because these are important to those who follow these traditions.

So, what Easter traditions do your families keep?
Our Church calls it Resurection Sunday nowdays even though its only the second day after Good Friday. We go to Church and later on we have a big family dinner of Baked Lasagna, meatballs, hot sausage, and a whole ham to boot. It is the last big feast that we have with extended family untill Thanksgiving in November.

THE BEST THING ABOUT "EASTER" IS THAT EVEN RELIGIOUS PEOPLE COME TO CHURCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I am always glad to celebrate the ressurection of my Lord, the birthday of my Lord or any other time the world schedules an event that might remotely make someone think about Jesus. Our Ressurection service is full of God's Word and Holy Ghost fire- then we usually go home and have some family over for lunch- I boil eggs but not because of Ester but just cause I like em
Holidays of any type have never been to great in my book because I genearlly wind up working a 80 hour week- right now I am disabled so I am actually able to stay awake when family and friends come over!
It certianly wasn't God that colored eggs and give them to a rabbit:rolleyes:

"Easter" is for my family a time of gathering.
Since I am still in the process of changing my families practices of this holiday we still refer to it as Easter

We get together and play old fashion board games and watch movies. The day after when everything is discounted is when we indulge our sweet tooth.
My personal indulgence is "PeePs". Sugar coated marshmellow cream.:dance:

Sincerely His
I am still trying to find a bunny that lays eggs:D