What Are Your Views On Hip Hop Music?

This will be my last post on the subject:

Again, I am not condemning anyone for the type of music they listen, I am merely trying to offer a different perspective: a warning message to you; brought to you in love. I like music, and if the choir of angels in heaven includes an electric guitar-then so be it. I get how people are so passionate about the music they listen. I listened to CCW up until the middle of last year-for many years-and enjoyed it!

My concern, as parent, is the effect on my child's hearing. Many parents will condemn the obvious visual threats but ignore the other senses? Are we so willfully ignorant to believe that the devil doesn't attack all of God's created senses? God made the mouth...and the ears, and the eyes, and the nose and the body. There are so many brain altering chemicals and stimuli in the world, our entire body is under attack individually and collectively. Look how the subject of music so divides the body of Christ. We are all supposed to be of one accord.

So my brother, my apologies if you are thus offended. Personally, we as a nation have bigger fish to fry: like the attack on the Second Amendment. There is a big pink elephant in the middle of the room that no one wants to talk about. God Bless...
I think it's important not to judge. Trust me, I know it's hard. I too found it interesting that Katie Perry went from singing in the church to singing the type of music she has over the years. However, she may feel extremely condemned. She may have momentarily got caught up in the money and fame. She may come back to Him. You never know. I'm sure on one hand her parents are proud and on the other disappointed; but He still loves her. He loves all of His children. :)

Apologies if I greatly misinterpreted your statement.

well, if your concerned with how it affects yours or kids hearing, turn the volume down. All sound systems come with a volume control button. . .