What Book Are You Reading?

Paperbackwriter by Stephen Bly
This book is about a writer who becomes caught up in his own imaginations. It gets so bad, it's hard to tell what is reality or imagination.
I am loving the kindle app. I use on my phone, computer, tablets and it all syncs. Now as a barely ever reader I have finished 6 books so far this month :)
Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem, by Carol Delany, the real reason Columbus sailed in search of the Far East. A wonderfully historical book by a solid Christian historicist.
I'm in between books. I started "The Hunger Games," but since I saw the movie first, it lost my attention pretty fast. I think I will start with the second one.
Reading "The Garden of Eden In Hell" about a Czech Jewish pianist during WWII....Really a book for pianists, like my wife, because it has lots of famous pianist of that era and musical notes etc.