What Can Grow In A Hanging Planter?

I would like to have a a garden, but my two dogs would trample it when they are outside playing. I want to make salsa this summer so I would like to grow ingredients. Can everything that I want to grow survive in a hanging planter that is hung from my patio? I want to grow tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, and cilantro. Thanks for your help!
Welcome to CFS, Jemshads. I'm not expert on hanging baskets, though I don't see why you couldn't grow those things in hanging baskets so long as they get enough sunlight, water, and good soil/fertilizer. I think our resident expert on all things chili can probably answer your question. I'll give him a nudge.
Well TY Rumely LOL.
Absolutely jemshads moil. Actually it's a good idea to do so for 1 simple reason the little ground critters such as slugs and snails cant get to the goodies hehe. Just make sure the planter is big enough to support the Bell peppers since they can get pretty big and the maters also. I cant think of the name of that tomato planter...as seen on tv O YA!
this is pretty cool also

I hope this helps a bit. God Bless you bro

Chili out.
We grow tomatoes in hanging baskets. I think the cherry types are the the best for this. I don't know what varieties are available in other parts of the world but in the UK, Tumbler and Tumbling Tom are popular. This year, we are trying Sungold in hanging baskets.