what do you see satan as?

what do you see satan as?

i see him as a failure,we have the truth,his spirit has tried so hard to deflect christ,with other religions etc,the only religion he has followers of is by oppression.his other faiths have dwindled even with so called stars flogging hid daft faiths.the test of time has always been and always will be with God.he must feel very embarassed by his stupidity.:D
I see him as a very clever creature.

He can falsely represent beauty, fun, pleasure, happiness, success....and so on.....
to the lost

Only the born again knows him as the sly, evil, lying snake that he is.

Satan is an enemy my mortal power is no match for. I must be near Christ in order to defeat this enemy.
Satan is the Father of Lies, the Prince of Darkness, the Counterfeiter. He knows his war is lost, but his wickedness is still present in the world. He has the most twisted and perverted thoughts, knows how easily souls can be destroyed and led astray (even by one subtle thing), knows how to keep down the effectiveness of God's mystical Body, the Church, in their saving work on earth, knows how to lull a soul to sleep so that he can devour it, how to manipulate innocent ideals and emotions into something dark and twisted... he loves evil. He is full of malice and hatred for all things good. He counterfeits God's kingdom; his is a perversion and a mockery of all things good. He idealizes death, makes people long to die without having lived (because life is a good thing; God is the God of the living), empties grace and virtue from people, barrages people with lies, and people obey the lies and destroy themselves; he destroys and divides all things, leading people willingly into the realm of the dead. With Satan, all things stink of death and decay. There is no good thing in Satan. He is full of emptiness, boredom, misery, and all wicked things besides these. These three things I mentioned come from his lack of God, and he fills the void by committing more evil, trying to take as many souls with him to Hell as he possibly can.
i agree ,bt Jesus says his followers won,t enjoy this life.and this is true one life with muppet boy is enough.his kingdom will be of lies,so this must mean governments.muppet boys puppets.pimps for satan.:eek:
Jesus wants us to have life and have it abundantly. Satan wants us to have death and have it abundantly. Satan isn't the antithesis of God, though, but a counterfeit, because he is no match for God and therefore cannot be a sort of "anti-God" (he doesn't have that much power). But he is full of deceit, and whatever God views as good, he distorts and re-presents his perverse take on it.
He's a strange evil. We christians must have a good standing in the truth, and a rock-solid faith to battle the devil successfully. I've been visited sometimes by him or his lackeys the demons. It's always awful, I don't bear it well at all. I keep faith but my illness and my eccentricity often lead me to strange thinking that for a time I can hardly shake off. I've suffered much at the hands of these beings. God heals it, but it took a while until I was able to shake off fears that were resultant from those visits. God explained to me once that I must accept the devil as an agent from Heaven, and I had much trouble with this, sometimes still have. But I've understood that even when the devil is an agent of Heaven God helps me up when I am struggling, and tries to lead me into safety. I must not be self-righteous, that's the most important teaching I learned from this, and that while we will always have enmity with the devil, God doesn't really listen to satan's accusations of us in the Heavenly Court.
I must shoot my arrows at him from within the Fortress which he cannot penetrate. But when I open up the gates and fight him in the outer limits he defeats me in battle. My pride causes me to walk out and attempt to face him 1v1. The war can only be won by seeking refuge in the Fort