What Exactly Is Lust?

Do we have to be asexual until marriage?

  • Yes.

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  • No. You misunderstood this.

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Polly, why do you ask questions on a Christian forum when you choose to accept a non-Christians answer? If I am correct Tubby is an Atheist? I said this before in another thread, you search and search for an answer that allows you to feel good about your bad decisions. I'm sorry if I am sounding like I don't care. I do care about the way you are walking in your walk with God. You could care less about the advice we give. You could care less with the message of Salvation and what our Lord and Savior did for you. Sometimes the right answer is the hardest to live by, so we look for the answer that is easy and lets us live how we want. I truly believe this is what you want and until you come to God on your knees and humble yourself before him, you will continue to serve only your own desires.
Because first of all, God created sexual feelings, so we can reproduce... If we had no sexual feelings, we would face extinction. And lust is much different than sexual fantasy or desire... Thoughts are not bad as long as you don't manifest them...
Which countries?

So you're saying if they just had more sex, and not repressed it there would be peace in the middle east? Hmmm, very interesting.

UAE, Oman, Iran. In North Africa, Libya, Egypt, Algeria.

No I'm not saying if they had more sex there would be peace, how did you come to that conclusion from what I said?

I was trying to convey that if the culture of treating women like a piece of property and punishing them severely for simply showing a bit of flesh was stopped then the men may be able to see them more than an unreachable object and someone as their equal. That would prevent their loathsome attitude toward women.
Well yes I too made the assumption they were intrinsically linked. Thus the comment I made is intrinsically linked.

We did stray from the OP somewhat but I was trying to point out the dangers of sexual repression which is relevant. Moving back onto the point of lust being a sin is fine with me. I'll keep my comments as relevant as I can.