What Genre of Music ?

What Genre of Music ?

Hey all.
Just wondering What type of music you all like ?

Im into House, Deephouse, Soulful House, Techno, Drum 'n' Bass, Hip Hop, R 'n' B, Rock, Garage, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Oldies like 60s, 70s ect, Reggae, Dance, Rap, Downtempo & Lounge. Phhewwww.

Thats all the stuff I like lol. There are probably more :eek:


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I've just about given up on the styles of music that I like. I'm into hard music, metal, goth, rock, progrock, indie, classical, baroque, country, Classic Rock and R&B, orchestral, electronica, emo, ska, punk, and just about every variation of each of the above and a few I've never really been able to categorize.
i like underground rap, soft rock, alt. rock, classical rock, metal, death metal, techno/trance, classical orchestra, and reggea
My favorites are hard rock, metal and 80's hair band music. (Plus pretty much anything from the 80's - gotta love the keyboard and synthesizer!). I'm not a big fan of country and not all that wild about MOST pop music.

My tastes swing wildly from day to day though. I am one of those people that hear a song on a show, commercial or movie and HAVE to have it! I typically have a favorite song for a week or so and then it changes. :)
There are many types of music that I could listen to. Christian music has become a blessing to me in the last 6 years, much to my surprise. Ihave usually leaned towards Rock and other styles. Here is one of my favorites from a few ( ok, maybe more than a few) years back.

Mostly I listen to rock/hardrock, I used to listen to doommetal and other metal (mostly doommetal), and I still like that, but I'm bored of the grunts, and now I like normal singing. I do not really like praise/worship music, but lately I listen to it. mostly hillsong, delirious, casting crowns, and a few dutch people that you'll not know.
I like most music. If it lifts the soul up, I like it. If it lifts God up, I love it. If it gives you a "good" cry, I like it. If it makes you laugh, I like it too! I especially love it when it moves ya ta dance!!!!

Kirt Franklin's, Nu-Nation/ Praise Joint
Newsboys- Devotion/ Blessed be your name
Casting Crowns- Glory and What if his people prayed