What God has done for me


Oh, I get it. I know this. A hobo is a migrant worker like in On the Road by Jack Kerouac or Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Hobo's ride trains like Carl Sandburg or Woody Guthrie, who were probably not hobos. I have seen men on trains. I thought that they worked for the railroad, but they might have been hobos.
Well, I took my aunt to the bus stop. Frank is out in force. I hope he does not blow here away. Of course, she weighs double my weight. When I go run in a while, he might blow me away.

Back in the Dark Ages, when my great grandmother was my age, videos were a new thing. For a dime, she could go to a theater to see videos like Blood and Sand, Little Women or King Kong.

Later in the Dark Ages, she could make her own videos, and she had a large collection. She made the videos on eight-millimeter film and VHS video tape. She had a copy of this video about Hobos, which is now available online.

I’m not sure where to post this, but it is sort of “What God did for me.” My Mom hosted the study group today. And they have all left.

Somewhere on CFS I said that next year, I might study the math of change, I meant that I might study the introductory calculus course, but I need to know trigonometry before I study calculus. Trig is only a semester, and then I can study statistics which is sort of about change. Right now I am studying permutations and combinations, which is also change.

I have finished reading Joshua. I'm a bit shocked at how violent life in the Bronze age had become with Might-Makes-Right being the common view of justice. And then Jesus comes around, and He says: Love your enemy.

I should not be shocked. I read the Iliad. It is enormously more detailed about the blood and guts. I would not have been able to read it, except that it has two tragic love stories, something like the story of Ruth, which is set in the chaos of the conquest of the Promised Land

Jesus was not the first to promote the Love-Your-Neighbor point of view. I read some of the Dialogues of Plato. In one dialogue, Socrates convinces a Might-Makes-Right advocate that Love'Your'Neighbor is the better view. And The Buddha promoted the idea that is normally translated “loving kindness.”

Anyway, the Bronze Age view to the Christian view is a huge change. Maybe I could call it innovation

Innovation is another word for change. Maybe it means good change. This morning our study group watched a CSpan video in which Walter Isaacson promoted his book, The Innovators, which is about the invention of modern computers. I think he said two things: Disrespect for authority is the mother of innovation, (cowabunga, OMG, TMI) and innovation comes from odd places like art, philosophy, and he did not say so, but I would guess also religion.

I bet that most people would not connect religion with innovation. Atheism and Islam have suppressed innovation in a rather shocking way. Christianity seems to have grown past the suppression mode. I have no clue why.

That's 30.