What God is like

Let us not get ahead of ourselves and think that the light we have is yet all the light .

"Little children ye know the father and your sins are forgiven you "

"Ye young men the word of God dwelleth in you richly and ye have overcome the wicked one "
Ye fathers ye know Him who is form the beginning"
We grow in grace and in the knowledge of God .
Let us then walk in the light that we have and more will be given .For if we do not how or why should God give us more when we do not use what we have ?

In Christ

GBzone, As a Christian grows in his/her walk with the Lord does that mean Christ that is now our life is becoming more perfect within us? Or, is it the fact we are getting more understanding of who this person is that now has made his residence within us. I think we have this light in its fullness, but we need to continually look into the mirror and not forget who we really are. Looking into the mirror of God's Word we see our self yet, this person we are seeing is Jesus Christ the Glory of the Father, and we are his temple.
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I should also add notwithstanding what I said before in reply to you.
That the church in general does not know God .
In so far as knowing Him who was in the beginning .
How can it ?
When an awful lot people who say they are Christians do not believe Gods record of those things " in the beginning "?
But what of Paul who said "that I might be made conformable unto his DEATH"
If Paul found more to be made conformable to even the Lords death.
How much then we ?
Every body wants to know the "power of his resurrection" But fails to realise that to know the power of a resurrection you need also to be dead.
Indeed if Paul saw there was more to know as to the power of a ressurection and he had been raised twice? form the dead or almost .
How much then do we?
Not for condemnation but more a reproof or correction as to the lack of hunger and ambition? and perhaps vision also .
For the promises of God are exceedingly great .
But we have reduced them simply to meet our own needs and perhaps our church .
Indeed have reduced the gospel (for peace sake ) to being but BORN again .
Which is simply getting out of Egypt.

and have excused ourselves with wandering around the wilderness for 40 years as the normal Christian life . When it only took them 40 DAYS to reach it the first time and they had to wander for 40 years because of unbelief!

Something to think about .

in Christ

GBzone, I also see a laziness to the Church today in which we have become lethargic in our yearning to attain to the resurrection of the dead. I believe the Lord has not set any limits on how much we can participate in his Kingdom today, and our only limitations is in our faith in do doing just that. Believing the Word of God from the heart grants us the benefits of experiencing every thing the Word promises. If we believe we will not have a intimate fellowship with Lord until after we die, than that is exactly what will happen. As for me I believe every Word written and am enjoying this fellowship today. We can not experience his Kingdom beyond what we believe. What we all are experiencing today is according to our faith.