What has been helpful to your church & community?


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Feb 15, 2010
Daly City, California
Dear brothers and sisters;

During the weekend of Friday, January 18th to Monday, the 21st, a college ministry called CRU (Campus Crusade) held the Winter Conference here in the SF Bay Area. One of our youth and I attended the Friday evening conference. Students from the Western United States, about 1200 attended and have to say the atmosphere was full of energy. Our youth is 15 and wanted to experience the gathering and though he is a sophmore, he felt right at home with everyone. The praise and worship and the message was excellent.

He had the opportunity to meet the CRU leaders that we partner with from San Diego, Berkeley and San Francisco. The next morning, CRU from San Diego State and University California San Diego came to our church. We met for prayer, I gave a brief history of our church and then the students evangelized in the neighborhood surrounding our church.

The week before the conference we mapped out the areas where the students went door to door. Because of time we could only cover 3 areas out of 1600 homes. We were blessed that the students covered the 3 areas (not all 1600 homes) and we loved their enthusiasm! Afterward we had snacks and then took them back to the hotel where they were staying.

If your church already has evangelism activities in place, I want to praise God that you are sharing the Gospel to the unreached. If you need help with reaching out to your community, please inquire with Campus Crusade. They have about 1800 campuses in the United States and 191 countries outside the United States.

We currently partner with 3 CRU campuses since 2015. Attached are the students outside of our church. The brother on the far left serves as one of our board members.

God bless you all and your families.4118


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Mar 5, 2009
Our church along with several others rotate 2wks in the winter to feed and shelter the homeless. A number of churches in the area rotate and the homeless comes to the appointed church and they are fed and are kept warm for the night for 10 days. When it is our turn, we prepare the food, give them hot/cold drinks and we have sleeping mats for them to sleep on if they want to stay. Some of them don't want to stay in a warm place believe it or not. Before our start date, we have a meeting and each person is responsible for bringing in something extra for the homeless. One person may bring in boxes of gloves, some will ask for the church members to bring in their old coats, jackets or sweaters. I would do the hats and scarves. I make those so I would have boxes of them to give out. When the homeless arrived, we feed them, talk with them with a cup of hot coffee/cocoa while they sort through the coats to see what fits them. In the morning before they left, we would give them a hat a scarf. The doors would open back up at 5:30pm and they would all leave the following morning at 7am after breakfast. I remember one of those winters a young lady came in with a little girl no more than 4yrs old. It broke all our hearts because we only had adult coats, hats, etc. We had no children items. A child just never came across any of our paths. No one knew that everyone went out and bought that little precious girl a coat, hat, scarf and gloves. When they all arrived the following evening. That little girl had over 10 coats, hats, scarves, gloves to choose from. I will never forget that day. Once the rotation was over, the coordinator who started this whole things came back to us and stated that we were the only church who went further and gave them something to wear in the elements until the doors opened again. Sometimes we just have to do that little extra thing to touch a person's heart, a child's heart. We pray that God keep the homeless safe, God thank you for feeding them and clothing them. And all the time, God was answering our prayers by using us. God is Good!!!

Pastor Gary

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Oct 29, 2006
Several US locations - seasonally
Our church actually donates the money for the salary of a city employee who has been hired by the city and works for the city to organize help and and provide shelter and other help in our downtown area where many homeless are living.
Sandpiper - Very nice to see you back at the Forum.

God Bless...


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Jan 8, 2017
Wow.... such inspiration!! These are wonderful. bobinfaith I imagine that was a great experience for everyone... the students, church, and community. Thank you for sharing the information, and the beautiful photo with us.
We live in an area near a college, and their students also have a strong christian presence and influence in the community... I have no idea if it is part of any larger organization or not, but the college is very supportive with ministry, bible study groups, youth pastors, etc. The students will often gather at the "town square" next to the old train station, usually partnering with the area churches, and hold praise & worship events, music, testimony, etc.
We were out in town a couple of years ago and sort of stumbled into one of these outdoor worship services, and it was amazing. The students had organized it after having walked through the town praying for the people, & said they felt a darkness in some places & decided to do something about it- so they did.
That was mostly the reason we are here now... when you see & feel first-hand that God is at work, and things are happening, it's such a great thing.

godbe4me As I was reading your reply, I actually got a few tears!! That is absolutely beautiful. That is a wonderful example of love. It is very encouraging and inspiring that you guys are not only partnering with other churches in unity, in order to care for and show love to those in need... but that it is being done on a personal, face-to-face manner of involvement. Sharing in the personal struggles to care for one another demonstrates love on a completely different level than most people are comfortable with.
Thank you so much for sharing this... It's wonderful.

sandpiper That's a great idea... not only are people being helped with their needs for shelter/safety, it provides a job for someone!! Cool :)

I just want to thank each of you for the replies!! They are great ideas and examples... I can't wait to read more! Sharing these stories just may help get more churches & people inspired. So, thank you, and may God bless your efforts!
Apr 28, 2017
WA..the Evergreen State
Something else my church has done which is worth mentioning is that every week the congregation at all three services is asked to put a dollar in the offering boxes in the back of the church. A collection is never taken up as such..but encouragement is sometimes given to go on line to give or mail in or even put a check in the box. But the dollar offering is besides the regular weekly offering. It is used as a contribution to various organizations within the city. The church also promises that for every person who attends (I guess they count the number attending) they will be sure a $1.00 is put in the box. Usually the dollars in the box succeed in meeting that without the church dipping into their own funds and even extra is often given. The average collected is usually between $1000 and $l400. Generous people with a heart to reach out to the city community by their giving.