What if?

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What if?

What if Jesus walked into the room with you right now? What would you expect to change? What do you think He would free, heal or deliver you from? What do you think He would ask you to do?
My friends Jesus is in the room with you right now. His same power and anointing is manifest to all who have eyes to see. So what is holding you back? Receive those things you so desperately need, get that direction you simply must have, get that embrace, fall at His feet, show Him your love. Go ahead He is waiting- selah.


You said it Boan!

My heart is willing I just need some time every day to pray, praise and get filled. I'm doing so now so that I'm close with Jesus all day today. I'm a better person only by the grace and love of God.

Sometimes I think....If Jesus were to walk into the room right now, would I know it? If he were to walk towards me in a crowd, would I see him coming? If he were to sit next to me in church, would I realize it were him?

I don't mean these questions to be taken lightly, and no one needs to even answer them. They are personal questions I sometimes ponder.

Jesus walked the face of the earth, was seen, was heard, performed miracles, etc.... yet many people were unable to "see" him. They saw but did not SEE. Would I know it if he were here?

What you said Boanerges is really important..... he IS here. And we should always act as though he were here, because he IS. And Jesus might be the homeless man asking you for a dollar, or the average joe sitting next to you in church. He might be the guy who bumps into you in a crowd or is standing next to you in line. Jesus said "even as you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me."

So, if Jesus walked in the room today, I may not know that it is him, but I should still be behaving as if he is already there.



We will see Jesus in all of his people. Our nature, though would be quick to look at him like we look at any other person. We should though see that he is very Christlike, but how would we know he IS CHRIST?
If I saw Him, I think I would want most of all to be worthy of the pure love he has for me. And I would feel, probably painfully, how very unworthy I am.
Selfishness, mistrust, weakness are what I hope He would heal in me.