What is a Christian Friend?

There was a guy who went to our church,
I got on well with him,
every week I would pay for a cup of coffee with him and he would ring me every week to see if I was having a cup of coffee,
but one day I asked him to pay and he had an excuse so we had no coffee that day, cause I was not going to pay,
the next week he seemed to be reluctant to pay up,
the following week the coffee shop closed and I suggested we have a cup of coffee after church at church,
however I never heard from him again.
I could see from some of his actions he was immature in faith,
for example he had bikini girl or worse models on his mobile phone,
he had no problem receiving illegal downloaded latest movies, which is stealing.
I paid for cups of coffee for a whole year yet when I asked him to do a favour he wanted money.
So our friendship was all one way,
his Christianity was just a show.
I deleted his phone number,
I don't need people who are a bondage to keep as friends,
and I don't trust people who have no spiritual idea of the ethical morality of their Christian faith.
Leeches attach themselves to you while you feed them your blood
but they give you nothing in return.
As a Christian we should bear long with others and go the extra mile,
but if they seem like a stone we should ask God to break them off of our lives and move them aside.
there are other scriptures like throwing your pearls before swine,
in other words giving what is godly wisdom to the plain dumb,
and friendship with the world is being enemies with God.
But its a real shame that some Christians in the church are only there as stumbling blocks and have no idea
who Jesus is or what He can do for them
If Christians in the church are only there as stumbling blocks and have no idea who Jesus is, are they really Christians or just tares?

A Christian friend is a brother or sister in Christ who will fellowship with you, pray with you, cry and rejoice with you, fellowship with you, sharpen you, encourage you, tell you the truth when needed and go the extra mile with you. Those are true Christian friends.
But its a real shame that some Christians in the church are only there as stumbling blocks and have no idea
who Jesus is or what He can do for them

So ask your self one question.
What have I done to bring them and Christ together?

OK ask your self another question.
Why is it that they sit in the same church with me and do not know the Love of God.

Friend would it not be better to pray to God to give them the gift of repentance and stand in the gap between them and God for them over complaining about them and pointing out their faults?

Judge not lest ye be judged.
This means when we judge other folks faults we literally open the door to be judged. This is why the enemy has many cohorts trying, pushing working to get a Christian to judge another Christian so the can legally get judgment on you. Then they have the right to begin to set up shop in your life.

Just wanted to share this with you.
There is so much more to this then the little I spoke of here.

Be blessed my friend
I don't spend a lot of time trying to separate the sheep (those that have become part of the Lord's flock) from goats (those that have not).

I do hope that the goats may learn what being a sheep is all about and change their species. If they can do that by attending services, I am happy to have them.

I do try to spend time being a blessing to those that may be close to that choice, and those that are new and may need assistance.
I think fish is right, you did not follow God in this case. God says to do Good to evil to lend with out asking for the things back.
I have neighbors who talk behind my back say all kinds of stuff about me yet when they need help they come to me because no one else will help them. Last time I helped him I spent 3 days working on his computer and I was showing him what I did and he was going on about stuff he said black people are not white peoples friend. I looked at him for a min and he hurriedly change the subject. I think he forgot I was white. So that is my thanks for spending 3 days of my time on his computer not to mention the stuff i gave him for free that i paid for. But God says do good to evil. I did not do it for him, I did it for God. God has a reward waiting for me. I'll just keep storing up treasures in Heaven. As Jesus said to do for where your treasure is so will your heart be.

As far as judging I disagree with fish. Jesus said you will know the tree by its fruit. We are not to use our own judgements but the ones God gave. When you judge by your own standard you will be judged by your own standard but if you use God's judgements you will be judged by God's. I'll stick to God's. Pointing out a persons sin, such as the girl on his phone or the stolen movies what sin do you do? See if he knows the word of God, If you judged me by the same standard I would not be a christian I am sure i have done those things. But I Know God's word very well. I have taken 8 week classes on just about every book in the Bible from a top university. Jesus said judge by a man's words that reveals the heart and also by his actions that also reveals the heart.

Walking in the Love of God is just that.
God can do more with this then we can trying to correct people.

I have seen the hardest hearts break wide open and turn to God simply because 1 born again believer refused to go with the flow and walk in love towards them.....No matter what was done to them. Now they are saved and seven in the ministry.

Judge by God's standards and not worldly is correct But this does not in any way tell a believer to judge his brother.



I find the following passage useful in these circumstances.

Exodus 34:7 - maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.” NIV

Despite how we are treated, even by those we call friends, we should forgive and love them for who they are; their actions will be judged by God. This does not mean we are to be walked over for people uses, we must merely be willing to forgive.