As Yeshua Holy Spirit reveals. “Agape Love is the only way to absolute peace and perfect righteousness, it is the very foundation of Holiness, and the constitution of G-d’s Kingdom. Agape love is long suffering in its endeavor to diminish and replace evil with that which is good and edifying for all, it condemns all evil, yet it is never vindictive, but is filled with compassion and mercy. Agape love is never self-serving, it does not measure any one to its self, or its self by any other, but seeks always to be at peace with itself, and everyone it has communion with. It does not keep account of the bad, but looks for the good, and rewards its efforts to become better. Agape love strives always to offer more of itself, while its efforts towards perfection are matched only by the ever increasing abundance it has to offer. It feeds its self upon the joy of others, and its strength becomes increased in the delight of its own return. Agape reasons thus wise; how much is too much? One more than is needed. How much is too little? When there is not enough to be shared. How often is too often? When another has enjoyed less. Where is there depravity? Wherever any suffer need in the midst of plenty!” Amen!

Well said Y'shua friend. Agape is Perfect love that has no boundaries or conditions. I wish i could have that. Perhaps when I get to Heaven :) This is a good subject indeed.

Chili out.
Agape love is simply put "Godly Love", The almighty Father's way of loving us, it is perfect, and without the infilling of the Holy Spirit, man is unable to love to this level, but because the holy Spirit is there for any believer who truly seeks,it can be achieved and Blessed is the 1 who does because they will also experience a peace that passes all understanding, and they will be loving in accordance with God's will, remember Jesus' statement re "The Greatest Commandment".

Praise God for loving us so, Praise his holy name!
The total picture of agape love is Jesus on the cross. The next best, today, is the men that jujmp on live grenades and save their friends from the shrapnel.