What is an IDLE word?


Mathew 12:26
"But I say unto you ,That every idle word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."

What then is an idle word? It is a word that does no work.

Jesus said "The words that I speak are not my own words but the father who is in me he doeth the WORK"
Our words can encourage , edify , heal and give life . They can also destroy and cause strife and needless division.
Wether for good or evil they can do a work.
Peter gave voice and expression to heavens sent undersdtanding of who Jesus was.
"Thou art the Christ the Son of the living God"
Almost in the next breath he became a spokseperson for the devil and the Lord had to rebuke him.
With words a mother can sooth the fears and comfort a sick child.
With words a father can seek to correct and reprove an errant son .
With words Adolph Hitler seduced and beguiled a whole generation of his own people and led them down the broad road to destruction ,condemnation and lasting shame.
With words Winston Churchill encouraged uplifted and strengethened his generation to withstand the onslaughts of the enemy.
If any man hear my words and doeth them not ,I will liken unto them as a foolish mna who built his house on sand and when the storms come the rain falls and the flood beats against it the house will fall and great will be the fall thereof .
But if any man heareth my wordfs and doeth them I will liken that man unto a wise man who DUG DEEP and built his house unpon a rock and when the storm breaks ansd the rain falls and the fl,ood bears against it the house will stand .
In avery very very sma;;ll measure and in a very very very little likeness ;what was the nature of Adaolph Hitlers words? and what was the nature of Wiinston Churchills words?
and which house stood?
and which house fell?
Jesus said "as the Father sent me so send I you"
if he then spoke not his own words but it was the Father who abided in Him did the work .
Are we not then to speak not our own words and what w ehave been taught by Him we speak and it is the Lord who abides in us who doeth the work?
If then every idle word that does NO work we will have to give an account for .
What then the work (that is done )we do by our words?

In Christ