What Is "christian Perfection?"

May 30, 2012
Missouri - USA
Grace, you are absolutely right! I most sincerely apologize to all, and especially to you, Xian. :(
I completely ought to have PMed you about it, and I disrespected you and did not behave as the Word tells us to. I've been dealing with a lot of people from the WS lately, and I see it's bothered me more than I allowed myself to believe. I did see that Xian had written that Jesus isn't God, but it wasn't in this string, and I should have asked him what he meant..
I didn't see it as modalism...I didn't see at all! And what's worse, I did not ask.
I see no reason for you to be banned for justly pointing to my own error. *sigh* Part of the problem I have with the written word (by which I mean it is MY problem) is that one cannot hear tone of voice, and it's hard to know (at least for me) without that what someone really means. Which should tell me that it's that much more important to choose words wisely!!
A while back I participated in a forum where all sorts of heresy was allowed to be expressed, and now I also realize I haven't forgiven as I ought to have.
So, Grace, I thank you, thank you! for speaking the truth to me. I know what I should have done--but now I can't do another thing untill I seek the Lord. I don't know how I can ask Xian's forgiveness now...
Thank you Ellie for your sweet spirit! Please see my PM to you. Blessings!!