What is Faith ?

Still reflecting on Noah and his faith. Wow, we think this story is just for us as children but as we really delve into his faith, I am wondering myself if I could have followed God's direction for so many years. Even as I thought , " how did all the animals get into the ark...... Well God orchestrated it all. God told all the animals to line up two by two... can you picture it.? I can't. Imagine that they all lived peacefully in the ark together..... wow .... the lion and the lamb. Where did Noah get all the food for himself , family and all the animals to stay so long in the ark ? Now when I get to heaven that is something I want to ask Noah.

This morning as I was thinking ,Noah had revelation from God in how to build the ark --- the size, shape , one door one window, etc. And yes he had faith to believe what God said so faith and revelation go to together but to take it a step further , Noah had to have faith to believe and put his belief into action. It was not enough that he had revelation and faith to believe but he had to act. Faith without works is dead.

The little song this morning that God gave me goes like this ...... But I know in whom I am believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him until that day.
If Faith Had Wings

If Faith had wings, then I could fly
Just like an eagle, soaring high
Above the clouds and skies, so blue;
I'd show you just what Faith can do.

I'd circle mountains, fields, and streams;
Rebuild your hopes and shattered dreams.
I'd wipe away your lonely tears
And conquer all of your doubts and fears.

I'd fly you to my sacred place
That's filled with love, and peace, and grace.
I'd show you how to move a mountain
And how to part the sea,
Or, drink pure water from Heaven's fountain;
If you would just believe.

We'd fly with angels by our side.
Within God's realm we would abide
And with your courage, and strength anew,
You'd see for yourself what Faith could do.

Many Blessings

© 2001 by Vickie Lambdin
This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,for non-profit ministering purposes.

Amen Whirlwind.

Faith Finds Its Hope

A man that had leprosy came to Jesus. The man bowed on his
knees and begged Jesus, "You have the power to heal me if you

-- Mark 1:40 (ERV)

Sometimes we come to the Lord for help simply out of habit. Sometimes
we come with a sense of entitlement, arrogantly approaching him as if
he owes us something. Humility is not really part of our modern
vocabulary. Begging is not in our nature or in our experience. We very
much need to learn from this leper: we come to God out of great need,
begging for healing, and fully confident that he can heal if he chooses
to do so. When is the last time you threw yourself on the mercy of the
Lord? When was the last time you physically knelt in prayer in the
presence of the Lord? Let's throw off the shackles of our false pride
and pseudo-sophistication and recognize our place in the presence of
the Almighty God and his Son and our Savior.

A living Faith..... By my pastor.

Faith is God in the soul . God oerates by HisSon and transforms the natural into supernatural. Faith is active-never dormant. Faith is life. ; it produces life; it changes life. Faith is what came to me when I believed . I was instantly saved and changed by His grace. " How great our faith should be for we cannot be saved except by faith . We cannot be kept except by faith. We can only be baptized by faith, and we will be caught up by faith; therefore , faith in the living God is a blessed reality" ..... Smith Wigglesworth.

The way to God is the way of faith; there isn't any other way. Rom. 4 :18- 20...... tells us that 'Against all hope. Abraham in hope believed.... without weakening in his faith , he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead-since he was about 100 yrs. old- and that Sarah's womb was also dead " During the 25 yrs. of waiting conditions had grown more and more hopeless for Abraham , yet the promise had been made.

Abraham dared for 25 yrs to believe when everything got worse every day. He did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God. Do we believe that God can quicken what is dead ? The more there was no hope, Abraham believed in hope.

Be strengthened in your faith today . God knows. He has a plan; He has a way. In Him there is no lie or "shadow of turning." Let's ask God to give us the grace to use the faith we have. God will work the miracle in us if we dare to believe.