What is God's Will For Me?

Ever see folks working hard trying to figure out what God's will for their life really was?

They try this or that and if it goes well then it was God's will for them but if it does not work out and produce their desired results then it was not the will of God.

The sad truth is that the above is a waste of time and motivated from our enemy the devil.

God's will for you and for me is the very same. We don't need to run and look here or there to try and figure it out.

No! See God's will is His word. Why yes it is that simple. His Will is for man to not only learn of His ways of doing things but to actually live that way 24 - 7 - 365. Then His Word produces the fruit it is created to produce our lives.

Now then God Also has an unique plan for every human being born of a woman.

Yep and you are going to have to honestly seek Him to find it.
It won't just happen nor will it come down to what we want to do most of the time.......what I mean is far too many Christians see something as a need or opertunity and automatically claim that's God's will and my calling.

Many are called but few answer the call.
Too busy
Not their cup of tea
I think God called me here not there and so forth.

Just because a door opens and the band is playing and it feels so right, Does Not makes it the Plan of God for your life.
Sometimes by Faith we have to break the door down.

Note........if you are not seeking God and putting forth walking in His Ways then you won't find nor fulfill His plan for your life.

Most of the time He gives you pieces of the puzzle and we must move forward trusting Him.

If one is not walking in His ways as written such as Love, Forgiveness and Faith, well one probably is fooling themselves thinking they are doing what God has planned for them.

Scripture says....delight our selves in the Lord and He will give us our hearts desire.

Don't be fooled......
When we honestly seek God and His ways then we should begin to change and become more like Jesus. This also changes the Heart which means our desires will change thus becoming God Given Desires.

Now how important is this?
Let's just say that one day we will stand before the Father and will be measured up against what His plan for our life was and what we actually did with it.

For me, well it's quite simple......I want to get as close as I can to who I was created to be. How about you?
Are you 100 percent sure you are right where you should be and doing what He has called you to do?