what is revival?

to me,
a church that does not walk in love towards its congregation can never have revival,
missionary work, soup kitchens, charity are not what I mean,
I mean interactive love with those around you at church. have coffee, go the movies, attend
prayer groups,
and clean out sin in your house..that is clean porn off your computer, delete all those dubious
favorites, throw out any DVDs that depict evil,
don't have statues of budda or read your horoscope or fill your life with junk.
Revival can only come through the power of the Holy Spirit at work in submitted individuals,
are you submitted?
don't expect revival to come, it won't.
Jesus said when he returns will he find faith on Earth?
and before the Gospel is preached in the whole world they will deliver you up to death,
are you ready to be a betrayer or a follower to the end,
its coming. and I don't mean decades away.