if you have succeeded in life,
become a millionaire or billionaire,
become famous
the top, fastest, best, strongest,
changed nations or the course of events,
but are thrown into the lake of fire on the judgement day
then your failure in this one thing is so incredible and monumental that all your success was only an illusion,
a shallow nothing, a waste.
A man who believes in Jesus Christ our Lord
has already gained more treasure than all of the kings who ever lived and
is already famous in heaven to be greeted by God as a friend while all those
were famous are rejected by God as nobodies and even their graves and names will be erased from time.
If when you die you leave trinkets to your children and snub your nose at the poor of this world
how will that gain you currency in heaven or in the new Jerusalem where the streets are made of gold.
You are blind while you have sight,
deaf while you hear.
Those of evolution ignore the signs of God but will not hold your hand on the judgement day.
How can they want you to believe in death eternal without hope, surely they are mad.
Boast and laugh and fall down drunk,
do it often but soon you will cry forever for all time runs out and you have no power at all over it, no you have none but your mouth.
Like excelling at work at the cost of your family.
Scripture teaches us we should leave an inheritance to our children's children and if we remember it is God who gives us the power to create wealth then we will dwell within the boundaries of His ways.


Success is understanding our Father and what He is doing in this earth. We will not know what to do until then.