What is your favorite way to show love to your children?

What is your favorite way to show love to your children?

My wife and I differ when we make a special effort to show love to our children. I will often do something special with them. My wife will sit and talk with them. How do you make a special effort to show your love?
I have a 3 children. I take time with my 3 year old and sit down and rock her in our rocking chiar. I tell her that I love her and she is very special to me. My son is turning 1 year old this month and we have a Foster Daughter that is 15 months old. The babys take up alot of time and I find my 3 year old asking If I can play with her or read her a book. It's really hard to find the time because I'm a officer at a Nuclear Plant and I work 12 hour days. I try hard to make time with her because sometimes I think she feels left out because the baby's need so much attention. She is growing up way to fast.

Please save me
Moms and Dads, I've discovered. show attention and love in different ways~
And they are all needed by the child/children.
On top of that each child with his or her personality has different emotional needs.

One of my children loves to kiss and cuddle with me.
Another loves when I work with him in Adobe Photoshop, with our art.
Another likes to sit and talk.
Another loves and promotes family time and BBq's.
We are a very affectionate family who hugs and kisses alot and is always saying "I love you".
When the children were babies, we both rocked them and I nursed all 8 of them.
My kids like to perform in ways. Boys make their own music and my

daughter is into ballet. Wife and I sit with popcorn and ice tea while

they put on shows. It's cool to listen to kids talk and get feeback

from them. Sit and listen. It's awesome. And hugs for all my kids.

Hug your boys man, it's okay. Pops hugged me.
Mark Wrote:

What is your favorite way to show love to your children?

The very best love that any CHRISTIAN parent can give to their children is to teach them God's Word and to be a role model for their kids when it comes to Christian Values and family values. Those loving gifts to our children can, in most cases, place them on a life-long path of goodness, kindness and of loving God. What else could be more important in these days of peer pressure and the genuine evil that is lurking about?
Pastor Gary,

Point well taken. But HOW? How do you teach them God's Word? How do you set an example for them? Could you give some examples?
I try to incorporate God's word in our daily life.
I always tell the kids "Jesus loves you so much".
If they squabble I'll ask them, "Now do you think God would approve of your behavior riight now?"
At dinner I'll bring up an interesting topic like Noah's ark, or what a particular scripture means to each of the kids......
We are always sure to say outloud how very blessed we are!
Have them learn the books of the Bible......even 3 at a time~
Read Bible stories and ask what the story meant to them.
Ask questions~
There are Christian sites online for children and Christian games.
TALK about God and his greatness!!!!!!
Being a Christian Parent

Mark, in addition to those things that Violet has mentioned, just be a good, caring, Christian parent. Try to follow the teaching in 1 Timothy 5 (NLT) and especially 1 Timothy 5:8 (NLT)... "But those who won't care for their own relatives, especially those living in the same household, have denied what we believe. Such people are worse than unbelievers."

Set an example for your children at all times by living a Christian life and following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Set aside some time each day to be with your kids as a family. Show them from an early age what is good in God's eyes, as found in scripture.

One of the better teachings on this subject can be found in the link below. Read it over carefully and if there are any aspects of your own life that are not in keeping with being a good Christian parent, then YOU change your ways, so your kids will see a proper example of what is expected of them. Over the years, your kids will test you and your authority over them as a parent. Show them family love and proper discipline, and do not waiver in your responsibilities as a parent. Start by using the Book of Proverbs (NLT) as a basis for your teachings to your children. I prefer the New Living Translation, for youthful understanding of the English texts.

Blessings to you.

Everything above is excellent! I also try to spend some quality time both as a family group and ocasionally one on one with my kids- there is something special about letting your child know you have confidence in them- I like to tell my sons that I love them, I am proud to see the young men they are becoming and looking at them I know they have what it takes to live a good and Godly life- love,support, encouragement and oh yeah - there is another form of love- discipline when needed. I have applied these same principles to my daughter and she has grown up to be a fine young lady, on her own with her own family now - all by God's grace and with much prayer of course.
If anyone needs reference material on partenting you won't find a better source ( other than God's Word) than James Dobson- many blessings on your day- Larry
With my kiddos, they seem to like it when I spend time with them just messing around - it might be playing a game, watching a favorite tv show, playing with my son's toys or listening to my daughter play piano. I am trying MUCH harder to not put them off when they ask me for attention. I think if they are asking, they are needing.