What Is Your Opinion On Cats


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As you might guess, I'm rather fond of them. Always like to have at least one
cat around the house. We have a dog also, a German Shepherd.
Both dogs and cats each have their particular virtues.
Not too long ago I was living in an airplane hanger and a wild cat I called scrawny snuck in and had kittens(3). I didn't realize they were in there because the hanger is so full of stuff from my border boss. Every now and then I would see something out of the corner of my eye.

I thought I was nuts. I would put food out for scrawny by the trash cans, and I could tell she had had kittens, but I feared they hadn't servived.

Then the kittens started showing themselves and I started giving them warm milk. I couldn't touch them tho they were so cute.


My opinion on cats is that they leave paralysis ticks in my yard to poison my dog.
*shakes fist at all cats*
*shakes fist at vet bill*