What is youth group like?

Jun 15, 2007
What is youth group like?

To anybody who goes to youth group - what is it like?? I am thinking about maybe going and I want to know what happens when you go.


May 13, 2007
Hi Falyne~
youth group can be so different from church to church.
Our children belong to a youth group because I think it is wonderful, ministered by a young man I like and trust.
He spends time with the teenagers, teaching God's word, as a group, but takes his time to minister to individuals. also,
They provide many fun activies, as well.
They go to camp, out to eat, raise money, go on out-of-state trips, etc....
Find a group you are happy with. Don't give up if the first one isn't what you need or makes you uncomfortable.
Jun 19, 2007
South Carolina
Youth Groups are fun things to go to. You learn about God and you have fun at the same time. Its great. For my youth group I have been to TN and NY. I would say the best part about church is youth group
Apr 8, 2007
our youth group meets on friday nights. we meet in a room with some couches and a table so we can eat and just hang out before worship starts. our worship starts at around 7:30-45. worship takes about 30ish minutes for us or a few songs. if its the first friday of the month, we usually play games that go along with what our youth pastor says after it. but other fridays we usually split up into groups of about 5 or 6 and talk and discuss about specific topics and struggles in our life. I really like when we do that because my counsler who is like my older brother/dad really teaches from the bible and does not sugarcoat the gospel and teaches it the way it should be teached. On sundays we have worship, and our pastor speaks for about an hour and then we go into fellowship groups where we go in closer to what our pastor talked about. our youth group is pretty close together and everyone helps each other out and i wouldnt miss having fellowship with them for anything.we also play this game called vokker except our version is a bit ghettoer due to lack of a net and other things, and we play football and volley ball with other neighboring churches. pretty fun
Jul 10, 2007
Chattanooga TN
I am a youth pastor and my youth group is probably a little different....We start wherever the Spirit leads, sometimes right to preaching and sometimes with alot of prayer, and sometimes with intense worship.... We do not do alot of games and stuff....the youth and this generation want a real encounter with the real God....I have found that my youth are so hungry for God that they are calling me wanting to meet during the weekdays and have a bible study and prayer....not to hang out but to Seek God.....We do hang out and go to eat together and enjoy fellowship, but they are consumed with God so much that there fun comes from being in the presence of the Lord, we just came back from a trip where we went and met with thousands of other people to just pray and fast.........They just want more and more of God.......It is truly amazing