What Vision You Have For Kingdom Of God

I would like to know what my fellow Christians think about it. I came in Christ and i know that God has purpose for each person on this earth. I believe my purpose is to earn money for the kingdom of God. Since in my country i have seen that it is very difficult for pastor to afford places for conducting prayer meeting. I would like to help them, arrange prayer meeting, provide money to make churches wherever people need it, I believe god has given me gift of giving to other and i m trying to give generously as much as i can. One vision i have is to start a local preaching channel in my city. I love "God TV" channel since they show preaching, i would like to give opportunity to each and every pastor of my city to come and share words of God. I think media can be a best way to reach each and every house on this planet, I pray for media so that it stay no longer in hand of satan but it should be use for work of God to spread his words.
My Pastor always teach youths that we are all having different quality and we should pray to god to know that quality and use them to spread his word among non believers, eg those who sing well they should sing for God, make beautiful songs and call people, all are bless with Great Talents because god said that we don't lack in anything, he never made a imperfect thing.. now we need to find it and by grace of God we will.... All of you, if you have any vision do share in this thread.. thank you..god bless you..
The kingdom (not kingdoms) now exercised by men in opposition to God is to become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ (Rev. 11:15) and "He shall reign for ever and ever." In Rev. 12:10 the kingdom of God is parallel to the salvation and power of God and the authority of His Christ.
Hi Vikas,

I will work from the assumption that you are sincere in wanting to serve God, but maybe just a bit misguided (based on what you have shared above).

Jesus says very clearly in the gospels that we can't work for God and money at the same time. (Matthew 6:24) And yet you come right out by stating that you believe your purpose in life is to "earn money". How do you see that relating to anything Jesus taught? If we can only work for God or money at any one time, and you decide that you want to focus on working for money, what gets left for God? The Bible says you will love one and hate the other, cling to one and despise the other. If money is your focus, where does that leave God?

On the contrary, Jesus taught for us not to work for money, nor the food that perishes (John 6:27), but to seek first the Kingdom of God instead. (Matthew 6:33) I have found from personal experience that when we make that our top priority, i.e. seeking after the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all of our material needs fall into place. It's a concept that's often referred to as "living by faith".

God doesn't need more money. He owns all the wealth in the world, literally! What God needs is more laborers to get out into the labor-field and preach His good news of faith, love, and salvation. I would encourage you, brother Vikas, to make that your focus, and leave God to look after all material provisions as He sees fit.