What's For Breakfast?

I usually get a thing of yogurt. Unless it is the weekend then my awesome wife fixes us breakfast. We have been having bacon and eggs but do to some health issues I am having (at age 33 grrr) she has informed me that is going to change.
You are bad, Violet. I usually have something healthy, like coffee with an altoid for desert (get rid of the coffee smell).
On the weekends, I do like to make breakfast burritos out of whatever leftovers are handy. Usually something like this...
The first four ingredients sauteed in olive oil than I add the eggs and finally the cheese after the eggs are done. Then I put it all in a tortilla and add a little salsa to taste...yumm...

Hey Don..... Do you have take out.? I'll order one to go .... LOL
The other morning I woke up sore from working too long on my shelf. I woke up hungry, too! Man, this was a deep-down hunger that hit my very bones!

I had:

Chicken fried steak w/country gravy
Hashed browns
Scrambled eggs
A side of bacon
toast w/orange marmalade

Every bite of it was beautiful! Like a warm compress being held firm in place over a sore spot. :D
LOL - Violet, nearest IHOP to me is...oh, sixty miles or so?:eek:

Naw, there's this great little truck stop in Madras. They serve grandma-style cooking. It's great!:D
I sometimes like breakfast like that for dinner!

I have an IHOP right down the road~

I actually had mushroom pizza for breakfast this morning~

You really have food on your mind right now, don't you, WW? :D
You guys are so healthy, you're making me feel guilty. My favorite breakfast is a sausage biscuit (for savory). Or if it's a sweet day I like chocolate chip cookies or homemade muffins (blueberry, sweet potato, pumpkin, cranberry-orange). With coffee, of course. On the rare occasions I'm out with friends for breakfast I always order the pancakes. That's my life's motto, in fact: "always order the pancakes"...

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:)..... ask Stella about her SECOND favorite breakfast -

Cranberries and popcorn... :eek:
Oatmeal porridge with dried cranberries, cinnamon and topped with maple syrup..... yum.... real maple syrup not the artificial kind.

Don't tell any one but I actually had a champagne breakfast on my birthday.... bubbley with no alcohol... candles on the table ... fancy plates .... the works. Canadian back bacon.... devine .. he he . cappucino.