What's your dinner for today?

My dinner is pot roast injected with garlic. I made a rub for it including mild chili powder, onions, celery salt, black pepper, a touch of Hickory powder for that outdoor taste/BBQ and placed in a Dutch oven with beef broth. Let it cook for 2 hrs 4 a 3 lb hunk o meat at 375 degrees. Then add 4 cut up stalks of celery, 5 carrots chopped, 1 ruff chopped walla walla sweet onion, n 4 Alaskan gold potatos cut in 1/4s then cook for another 30 minutes in the oven at 325 degrees. Let it stand for about 15 minutes before you cut it so the juices wont run out. Very TENDER. Served with wild rice n butter. O man i'm hungry!!!

Chili chowing out.
Well here it's called supper..so for supper I had crab legs and oysters on the half shell and craw dads and sushi and egg drop soup..now that's what I call digging in, hehheeee..but your's MattyPoo sounds very delish too, especially on a cold night to warm the tummy...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:)
I've been off food the past few days but sort of force fed a little instant mashed potato with gravy. Today I did manage some rice with a soup and tuna topping.

I don't expect to eat anything heavier until I get the drink down (I sort of rip my digestive system apart as well as my appetite) so light stuff for the next few days. Not that we can plan that far, for a bit of warmth seeing picture with chilli, I'm quite looking forward to one of these with some Basmatti rice.
OOOOOOOoooooo a fellow chili lover r YA!? i have a tendency to make people's mouth water a bit with my heart warming recipes. ;)
Chili out
I don't cook at all so it's whatever is frozen in the freezer or anything I can microwave. I'm thinking tonight maybe a green salad, cottage cheese and peach slices. No cooking there and very easy to prepare.