Whats your Favorite...

oh and matisyahu - Jewish reggae singer. his songs have alot of quotes from psalms. it's encouraging <3
Burlap to Cashmere

I miss those guys - too bad they broke up.


Some Lincoln Brewster


Not anyone else I really care for in particular.
I forgot about Jennifer Knapp. What I loved about these three are that they were extremely musically talented
Third Day and Jennifer Knapp ( her live album ) top my list of recent favs
I'm different, I guess.
I don't like artists, groups and bands so much as I like songs.
Doesn't matter who it is performing if I like the song~

There are many voices I love who don't sing about God and I wish they did, what a waste.

Country music is alright but I think Alison Krauss has a voice like an angel.
50 cent has a voice I love but nothing religious from him.
Babyface has the best voice......
I wish they sang of God~
So many!! I still think Charity Von has an unmistakeable quality that an old rock n roller like myself cherishes.
Casting Crowns have to be my top favourite so far, purely for the fact their lyrics aren't so much about how everything is perfect in Christianity, but how there are struggles, and how we can be the best Christians we can. I love the messages in so many of their songs, and they have a good balance with songs that are just there for the sole purpose of lifting up the name of God.

A great all round band.
Derek Webb

Derek Webb is my favorite Christian artist.

My favorite band is Casting Crowns for reasoons stated above.

My favorite All time is dc Talk.

Anyone remember these guys? They were HUGE when I was in high school, easily the most popular Christian in the 90's. Jesus Freak changed Christian Music forever and goes down as one of the greatest cds of all time Christian and secular for me.

Now a generation is growing up that has no idea who dc Talk is...man am I getting that old? The other day a kid didn't know who Michael Jordan was...my jaw dropped and hit the floor.
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