What's Your Media Player?

What's Your Media Player?


I was wondering about other people. I pack a Zen (2GB) mp3 player for music; an Onyx (4GB) Media Player to watch movies and read ebooks; a Dell Axim Pocket PC for files and writing and emails and appointments and contacts and games and such.

These come in handy, because I often find myself stuck in places where there's very little or no entertainment (waiting in governmental offices...like waiting in an old insane asylum receiving area with green-painted walls and scary-looking nurses).

Other things in my purse...err-manbag...err, briefcase include: My bible, my gameboy, mp3 recorder, digital movie camera, pen and paper.

What kind of media player(s) do you use? How much memory? What types of files do they play?

I'm just curious and always on the lookout for good deals on these types of things because I use them a lot in my work.
Hey, Whirlwind! I have a Sansa MP3 player. It has an FM reciever (but around here, all I get is country.:(Not my cup of tea!:D), you can download pictures on it, videos, do voice recordings, make slide shows...I have no idea the storage space in it. This is my third mp3 in a year, and so far its held up the best. ( apparently, I'm as rough on electronics as I am shoes! ha!)
I carry a small bible in my purse, and a Scrabble game book (its not quite the same as the board game), the latest book I'm reading, Germex, pens, glasses, tictacs, ibuprophen, kleenex, notepad...just what do you need? I probably got it! hee!
Hee hee!:eek:

Just a small glance inside my briefcase and I see...

A Dean Koontz paperback book (can't beat the oldies), nasal spray (allergy season), Kickers Spray (for that quick pick-me-up), some antibiotic ointment (no idea why I'm carrying that around), some Chap-Ice (probably used once in the past 11 years), a Swiss-army knife, a lighter, my contact lenses (extra), my wallet, some digital video cassettes, calculator watch, another lighter, gameboy games (Sitting Ducks, Donky Kong Land II, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Super Mario 3, some extra batteries for my video camera, an empty chewing gum wrapper, microphone, oh...there's the gum from the wrapper, some advil, my journal, computer cords, pens, markers, fingernail clippers, a packet of gatorade powder, a flashlight, some blue painter's tape (never know when you gonna need one of those), my cell phone, some blank DVDs, my jump-drive, can of tuna (no kidding), some almonds in a baggie...

...I need help. Seriously.:eek:


I have nothing fancy right now. I'm an audiophile, but at the moment I just have this "Creative Muvo TX FM" that I've had more quite a few years. It doesn't want to die I don't know why. It's only a 128 (!), so I pack it with 20 or so of my faves and I'm good for an outing or what not. I have some pretty good noise canceling earbuds and I love them. This thing has amazing sound quality compared to most MP3 players in it's class and price range. Plus I'm pro with the EQ. :D

Yea - it doesn't wanna die, I've dropped it multiple times on the street. It breaks into 4 peices every time that just snap together again, and it always lands in a puddle. But it lives yet. XD.

And then of course there's my $3500 computer with the Logitech Z5500's and the X-Fi XtremeMusic.
*whirlwind faints*

That's like my first jump-drive. I lost it one winter and found it in the spring when my lawnmower ran over and spit it out *ptoo!*. It had doggy teeth marks in it, was busted in half, got slammed in the car door when I had it attached to the zipper on my jacket, went through the washing machine, etc.

It's 256 MB, but it's come in handy for a long time. It's actually held together with tape now. I have a 2GB drive now that I keep on my keychain...but you just can't throw out your oldies.

My doctor bust out laughing when he saw my cheap little Onyx (4GB). He said he has an ipod 80GB with his entire movie library on it. I told him: "Well you can only watch one movie at a time, huh?" The look on his face was like this::eek:

When I pack up the backpack for plane rides, extended stays and whatnot, I can carry just about everything.

I'm old school. I'm not convinced that paying $100-200 for an MP3 falls into the "practicality" slot. I currently have a Phillips MP3/WMA/CD player that I found at Wally World for $30. I put MP3 songs on CD format from my computer (yes, it locks them down so you can't record the CD). Right now my collection is respectible, but not large-by-huge. I have 127 MP3s on one disk and like 50 on another, and then just my CD collection.

When loading the backpack (is that a man purse?), I'll have my Cds, at least two Bibles (my Prophecy Study Bible, and Nelson study. Or my trusty NIV), my DS (Got tons of DS and GBA games for it, my Neo Geo Pocket Color, at least three packs of David sunflower seeds (any other seed company is garbage :D), and depending on how long I'll be away, I'll lug my PS2 or Dreamcast too.
Pollo - no, a backpack isn't a man-purse. It's a rugged piece of equipment that real men carry, tough inside-out, muscle-gear!:)

I was a deejay back in the late 80s, early 90s. Back then, everybody listened to something called "audio cassettes". They were flimsy, got dirty easily. Poor, hissy audio quality.

Then the record companies started releasing something called a "compact disk". There were rumors when they were new that if you colored the outer edges of a CD with a green marker, the quality would get even better, hah!:p

I never got into CDs. I was the music director at the radio station, so companies would send me all my music for free. No kidding, I couldn't carry people in the back seat of my car because it was just one gigantic heap of these so-called "audio cassettes".:p

I didn't sway. I kept on listening to these cassettes until I heard about another format over the internet called em-pee-three. I began downloading all the songs I could.

Today I have more mp3s than I can shake a stick at. So I skipped the CD generation. Now I have DVD-Rs filled with mp3s. Depending on the mood, I'll pile them into my mp3 player and run out the door.

My little cheap mp3 player is either my Onyx ($60 at Kmart, holds about 1000 or so songs), or my Zen ($15, holds about 500 or so songs). They also hold audio books, good or long trips or lonely nights in motels. Both have built-in batteries, which I don't like.

I don't know...I'd have a hard time spending over $150 or so on an .mp3 player. I'd be standing there thinking...yeeesh, I could buy a lot of food for that much! Or I could give that money to someone who needs it! Would I really use it? Or would it be rolling around in my briefcase with my other unused toys?:eek:

Anyway - it's Friday and I got some good Christian mp3s to enjoy! Whoo-hoo!!!!