When God Answers...

What was your response when you first really noticed God answering prayers?

Recently I prayed over a rather complicated life issue I'm dealing with (long story). I asked for guidance.

For the first time ever I literally heard God answering. He had shown me things before, it was the same presence so I knew it was Him. This time it was a pretty clear 'BD, go home. Your relationship isn't ready'.

And I know that as Christians we believe God answers... But I was really startled!! Whadya know, He literally answers....

I imagine God laughed at my immediate reaction...

Of course, I'm really grateful for the advice. Even more interestingly, the other half in this relationship turns out to agree.... (Was about me and my boyfriend).
Welcome to the family!

May I encourage you, now that you have heard His voice, to tune your heart in to His frequency, so to speak, it's always a still small voice, sometime it's an impression on your heat, sometimes it comes from/while reading His Word, some times it comes from other brother and sisters in the Lord.

I look it it this way, when my girls were babies I would talk to them and there was indifference written on their faces, but after they learned my voice and who Da-da was, whenever I came into their presence and spoke they would turn their heads and look for me, it's the same thing with learning the voice of the Lord, may I humbly suggest He has been talking to you from the day you were born again, you just didn't recognize his voice, ...that's all.