When I fail ...

May 6, 2020
South Carolina
When I fail others the strongest emotion that I feel is disappointment in myself for failing and for letting someone else down. I feel sadness, grief and at times guilt when my words or actions disappoint others, especially when I disappoint those whom I love. When I fail to achieve a goal or to complete a desired task I may feel some disappointment in myself but this is not the same as what I feel when I disappoint others. When I disappoint the Lord I feel great sadness, grief, and guilt and it is the same when I disappoint someone that I love. To let down those we love can be one of life’s most painful experiences. If I disappoint my wife, my children or my family I feel immediate grief and sorrow and seek to correct my error so that the feelings of disappointment will go away.

Why does disappointing others by our words and our actions cause such anguish? The root that causes us to feel anguish and sorrow is love. When you truly love someone you desire to please them and you never want to let them down and disappoint them. Those who do not care if they disappoint others are people who are greatly lacking in love and are filled with pride. It is pride that will not admit a wrong and it is pride and the lack of love that will not seek to correct a wrong when committed. If a person is never disappointed in themselves when they fail there is something broken within them. We, at times fail, and when we fail others it is good to feel sadness or anguish over our failure, but if we do not seek to correct the failure and seek forgiveness then we lack love and have allowed pride to harden our hearts. Love seeks to please and to never disappoint those whom we love, but if we do hurt others or disappoint others then love will lead us to seek forgiveness and to bring forth change. Those who are never wrong, those who never admit a wrong are prideful men and women who are broken and missing the power of love.