When silence is betrayal ...

May 6, 2020
South Carolina
“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” … Martin Luther King, Jr.

Loyalty to family, loyalty to friends, loyalty to God and loyalty to truth and justice will not prevail in silence. There is a time to be still, and a time to be silent, but there are times when silence is betrayal. We must defend, we must support, and we must speak out for all that is good and right. When our family is persecuted or attacked we must rally together as one and never be silent in our love or our support. Does not family deserve our alliance and our advocacy? When friends are wrongfully betrayed, we must never be the betrayer and we must never stand on the side of the betrayer. When our God is attacked and maligned is not silence betrayal?

The truth of the Bible and the truth about the Lord God and the Lord Jesus are truths hated, and truth denied by many, but those who believe must stand firm and must not be silent. We see the God ordained union of marriage attacked, we see the God ordained institution of family attacked, and we see the sanctity and value of human life attacked with viciousness and continuity. There are times when silence is acceptance and there are times when silence is betrayal. I do not force my beliefs upon others but I also do not stand silent when my beliefs are attacked and maligned. Let loyalty be seen, and let love and loyalty never be silent.
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Feb 10, 2015
Our Lord and His disciples were in a society dominated by a brutal, corrupt and immoral foreign occupier.

Our Lord knew that as long as mankind is spiritually separated from God that there could be no real change.

It would do no good to attempt to rail against the society without first changing hearts. A single unsaved sinner convinced not to sin (if possible) remains an unsaved sinner. A sinner who accepts the Lord becomes a sinner saved by grace. Society is made up of individuals within. Change society by changing men.

Whether paying taxes to Caeser, or submitting to Roman (and priestly) while never approving of Roman rule Jesus made his acquiescence highlight their corruption.

So rather than denounce the Roman occupation Jesus spoke to our inner hearts. Paul continued to winning hearts to Christ and polish the souls of those who believe.

Changes in society can only happen by Churches equipping the people of God who then pass their faith on one person at a time.So while I agree that keeping silent is betrayal, the target and content must be chosen with wisdom.
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Aug 9, 2020
I believe sometimes its best to be silent. Remember when Jesus was silent when he was accused of blasphemy by Herod and Pilate before his death. He was a quite leader and spent his personal life away from his ministry silent. He often went alone to pray and went places where his disciples caught up later and he was just focused on his ministry. The bible doesnt talk much about what h spoke about and how he carried himself in his personal life. Just constant missionary work.