When we all get to Heaven


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When we all get to Heaven

I was sitting and thinking about our Lord and wrote this. Hope you all like it.

When I looked up at the sky, what did I see?
I saw Jesus coming; and He’s coming for me.
He’s coming in the sky all dressed with the clouds,
While His children on earth all earning their crowns.
The trump will sound and He’ll say "Come up Hither,"
We pray and we pray the ones left behind don’t wither.
When we all get caught up to meet Jesus in the sky,
Millions left behind will be asking themselves why, why, why?
We shall all see our loved ones, friends and everyone,
But who we most want to see is Jesus, God’s Son.
But it will not be too late for the ones left behind,
God’s children are working and leaving breadcrumbs behind.
Jesus thought about them and made all the provisions,
For the 144,000 will be sealed and sent on their missions.
We shall all vanish right before the their eyes,
But we shall all return with Jesus; so this is not a Goodbye

Written by: Godbe4me

godbe4me this is so lovely, just the other day I read a story about a boy going to heaven and he said it was wonderful just to sit on God's knee, and to have a meal with Jesus, can we imagine what it will be like, as it is all out of this world, and what a wonderful day that will be when Jesus comes for us,but we still have a lot of work here to do is to tell others the GOOD NEWS.

God loves you