When We First Believed

It has been said that “religion is man reaching to God but Christianity is God reaching to man.” As we know, the Word of God is the primary source of His revelation concerning who He is and His union and fellowship with believers. Scripture, which are words of faith, are also actual words of facts, because they are truths and their presence is for us to believe them and to come to know them as unmovable, even before understanding them.​

A good example is, "Likewise reckon yourselves also to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Rom 6:11). It's not as we "reckon" that we are dead to sin that makes this a reality in us, because as this passage indicates, it is a fact that the believer is dead to sin. Put otherwise, this passage is a proclamation that the believer is dead to sin. The instruction is that we reckon or look upon ourselves as such, because for the Christian, it has been made so by Christ and this fact accompanies another fact for us to “reckon”; that we are “alive” in Him, which without being preceded by death in Him could not be so.

When we chose to believe in Christ for our salvation, all of the accompanying blessings where inherited (2 Pet 1:3). Therefore the truths of Scripture for the believer do not come to a reality upon faith (all which occurred when we first believed), they are realized by it, which make awareness to the fact that they are already accomplished ("it is finished"). This is the intention of walking in faith, which doesn't bring about a truism, but rather acknowledges it.

Whether or not a Christian understands a truth or is unaware of one, the blessings are still possessed. Ignorance of a truth does not negate its presence within, nor the performance of its functionality; it just causes unawareness of all that is active in our lives, which otherwise we would be appropriating for encouragement.

God's blessing to your Family and blessed be God!