When you can't obtain Deliverence.

When you can't obtain Deliverence.

I am presently reading a book titled "Dry Bones Dancing" By Tony Evans. So far it is an awesome book and just what the doctor orded in my case.

There is a section in the book where he is talking about not being able to be delivered from bondage due to not being as close to God as we need to be. I thought that was a very intresting point that I had never really thought about. I truly believe that we as christians have a much huger goal in Gods mind further than just being saved. I believer we all have greater things in God that we are working towards.

Some people are quite okay with just getting saved and maybe telling a few people here or there about God and thats it. But the bible says

He came so we could have life and have it more abundantly...

I always related that verse meaning to having the abundant things of this world like traveling and wearing nice clothes and just enjoy life as well as being a christian. But what if that verse mean have life more abundantly in Jesus...going into deeper depths with him! The thought of this just has my mind racing to know just how close to Jesus can I get while still living on earth and bound in my humanly body. The bible says

No good thing will he withhold from those who love him..

How do we show the lord we love him? By keeping in touch with him daily...praying, reading his word, meditating. Letting him know lord here I am to you always I am always available..even when I am at work , in the supermarket, at the mall, driving in my car! After all there is nothing in this world that should matter more to us than our relationship with Jesus Christ!

I have to run to church but I will deal with this deeper later!