Where are you LORD?

Where are you LORD?

Where are you Lord?
Who has broken the cord,
You said you'd never forsake me,
I'm asking you on bended knee,
To come back into my life,
As I'm on so much strife.

I hear you knocking at my heart's door,
But I'm so angry and sore,
You say it was me who went away,
Lord Jesus please forgive me this day.

I want to praise you well,
I don't want to go to hell,
I've been so down and full of sorrow,
I'm coming back today not tomorrow.

Will you be ready with open arm,
Take me, hold me, from harm,
Take me out of this cold,
Put me in the mould,
There's power in your name,
To be with you Lord I will not be the same.

Lord Jesus help me I've been wasted,
I know what I've been,
I need you to take me,
Lead me to the pstures green,
Take me now, let me hide myself in Thee.


written ramon 26/2/09