Where did this thread go??

Where did this thread go??

There was a thread, I believe it was under Bible Studies (could be wrong), that had a good bible questions in it to help further you in the Word. I may be looking in the wrong section but I can't find it and I can't remember who was hosting it. They would ask about 25 questions or so and tell you what scripture to look up and you were to answer these questions on your own. Then a week or so would go by and they would give you the answers. I was wanting to do this but can't find it! Is it gone?
Blessings Starplayr24,

It is called "A Beginners Study of the Word of God" It is not located in the Bible study forum. If you go to the top and click on "Community" then "Groups" it will take you right there.

God bless you on your studies,

Thank you Godbe4me! I love that you took your time to post this study to learn further in the Word. I really do look forward to completing all of them!

God Bless