Where Does God Want Me?

Where Does God Want Me?

I'm graduating college this coming March. I grew up in a christian church, but in this last year of college, I've seen an incredible spiritual growth in my life. God brought me to a church in my college town that has an incredible vision of reaching the lost, and I feel everyone there is "all-in" for Jesus, which I love! It's coming time to graduate in March and I'm torn on whether I should stay or I should go.

Choice 1: Stay here, in my college town, 3 hours away from home, continue to grow and be a part of an awesome church, where I am constantly being encouraged to lead others. I would become a leader at church, and also help translate the messages in spanish... I'd be going to grad school with little to no financial support..the program here is OK and I'm not too excited about it.

Choice 2: Move back home, be a part of my 13 year-old sister's life, and help out my parents financially. If I go back home, I'd go to grad school in a really cool program that I'm interested in. The church back home is pretty dry, and I'm afraid I won't get discipled like I was in college. On the other hand, I could use what I learned from my college church to "wake-up" my home church and make a difference there! OR just join another church. I'd also get really involved in something like campus crusades. I'm afraid that being back at home, I may slip back into my old ways and just be a lazy/comfortable christian. I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN! I want to lead others to salvation in my family and at my school!

I know I shouldn't be so dependent on the church I go to, but what if God really wants me to stay here? On the other hand, I LOVE my family, and want them to know God and be motivated to reach others like I now am... I don't know what God wants me to do, and my college church and family aren't much help because they both want me to stay with them..haha.

Please pray for God to reveal his plan to me. I will go 100% into what God wants me to do once I find out WHAT it is...


Hey Jessica,

After reading about the choices you have, you seem to be in quite a tough situation at the moment. It seems like both the choices have their strengths and weaknesses.

I & most people here personally wouldn't want to suggest anything because it might be against God's will. I seriously suggest that you pray and ask God and he will automatically lead you the right way as you seek out different routes.

I would recommend you put up a request for prayer in the prayer section. There will be lots of people there who would love to pray for you in order for God to move either way...

All the best
i'm praying that wherever you go, God will touch your life so that you may touch the lives of others. A relationship with God is the foundation of everything else, a flourishing relationship with God WILL lead you to flourish in all other areas of life i think that's the most important thing to keep in mind. God BLESS and happy holidays!
I'm kinda struggling with the same thing.. only your like all done with college and im going to start my second year.
Ever since I got sun burnt badly this past week, I've lost total focus on God and to just be praying about everything everyday!
and trying to get all better♥
and then i ended up seeing an old kinda new friend of mine... they wanting to hang out with me sometime...
but what all i meant was about wat college to go to next and what to study, and what to probably study online.
Hey Jessica,
I can definitely relate to what you're saying on this one. I spent the last two years in another state away from my family and in a whole new place. Before I'd gone away though, my family and I started to go to this new church that is more than 1 hour's drive away from our home (much longer in traffic). But we found that the drive was well worth it, for the first time in my entire life. A message made me burst out in tears in a crowd of strangers! I felt drawn to that church like you have no idea. Never before had I felt that way about going to church before. But unfortunately I was already slated to begin my new college that fall and move half way across the country. And start over...

Over the course of the next two years, I found myself consistently going further and further away from the Lord. And almost wanting to fall away completely. But then I came home last summer and went to my church again. And I realized that there was too much at stake (in turning away from the Lord). So I asked and pleaded with him to move me back home. Well, in order to pursue my screenwriting major, I applied to the two top film programs in the world (this was a HUGE stretch). I prayed and believed that God would make a place for me. And He did!

So this fall I get to not only attend the best film school and be a part of an amazing program, I also get to be near my church again and really plug in! Praise God for this. If you only believe in him and ASK for him to make a way and open doors HE wants open for you. I GUARANTEE you HE will do it and MUCH more. Just ASK!

Hope this longwinded comment was helpful! ;)
All I can say is choose what your heart desires and do what you think is best for you. God doesn't fail in giving us choices and lets you decide on what we think is good and fair for us. He will always be by our side to support us and to guide us to the right path and to support us on the things that we decide.