Where Is God?

Although many of us believe in the presence of God and know that he loves us, he is not real to us; because He is invisible. God is invisible because he is not matter, but a spirit. Spirit, like a force is invisible; yet they both exert influence on material objects. Spirit, however, is more than just a force; because spirit has life. It is therefore dynamic and creative. The ultimate Spirit is God. The life of God's Spirit is love and it is the force of love in the universe. God shares his life with us by imprinting his spirit on our heart. This enables us to unconditionally love others and show his presence to others through our expression of love. Such expressions of love include: soldiers carrying enemy combatants on their shoulder for medical care; people staying faithful to their marriage vows although their spouses have hurt and betrayed them; people going out of their way and even putting their life on the line to help those who have hurt them; people giving away everything, including their own desires, and travelling to countries that are devoid of basic sanitation and comfort, in order to bring the good news about God’s love to others. We can also experience the presence of God when we ponder on infinite sacrifice God made for us on the cross; and reenter it at the Lord’s Supper.