Which are the main false religious groups (of) delusions?

Oh my gosh, pancakes!!!! Satan quoted Scripture to Jesus!

Let go see what I can find for you........

Click here:


I saw this guy at a church in Rochester and he has clips from several popular preachers exposing their false prophesies and contradictions AND he lets you hear them quote the Bible and then reqads what the next verses say to show he's misleading you OR gives you examples to show what he has claimed is false!

Oops, the guy, Justin Peters, at the beginning of the tape is the one I saw. But he doesn't seem to appear in the tape again. Still this probably shows you what you need to see. Mr. Peters is in the second video, too.
Thankies lol I'll be sure to watch it... I didn't know benny hinn was a false teacher though I'll be sure to stay far from him : /


Apr 14, 2008
Check the lower right hand corner of your PC. Rub your mouse over the icons in the tool bar.

One icon should be for volume control. :) It might be muted, or turned all the way down.

If that doesn't work, try running your mouse across the bottom of the screen of the video. A volume bar should pop up and you can turn it up til you can hear it.

If neither of those things work, your speaker cord might be pulled loose and need to be pushed back in.