Which Person in the Bible can you Relate to?

Which Person in the Bible can you Relate to?

So I'm curious to know which person in the bible can you totally relate to. It can also be the characters Jesus talks about in His parables.

I personally sometimes feel like Job, only because in I've been through various tough times. But because I put my trust in God and that I know He can help me through the hard moments with patience and wisdom, things will be alright in the end.

Well, that's me! :)
Well in the trinity, i can relate to the Person of the Holy Spirit the most ..

but i guess you meant a human . i guess i relate to Paul because he is timid when near and bold when away . and seemed to write better than he did public speaking .. but i guess when i get that sauce from the boss . i can't relate to anyone . i'm just me .
I relate to our Heavenly Father best, and need to relate to the Holy Spirit in a much deeper way.
And I relate to Jesus too. It is so neat that this can be done. Although, I need to relate to all of them
much more.
As for human, i think it is Moses, while he was out in the desert being settled down.
Definitely DOUBTING THOMAS. For several years I doubted wether the bible, Jesus and what He done on the cross or even God was true.

My faith depended on my circumstances. In saying this I was reading the bible, praying and attending church. I desperately wanted to believe but circumstances in my life seemed to be pointing to the opposite.. What I had was doubt not disbelief.

Sounds like a contradiction, but I constantly asked God to show me that He was really there. He answered that prayer above and beyond what I could have imagined.

I thank God that the story of Thomas was included in scripture. It gave hope to people like me. Jesus took Thomas from where he was at. He didn't say to Thomas " Well that's it, if you choose not to believe then your damned". He knew what was in Thomas's heart and answered his longings in spite of his doubts.

Good question btw.